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Enter the Hololens

I will openly admit I was incredibly worried to try the Hololens. I went into this class expecting to be doing AR on a phone, and the thought of putting a tiny screen that close to my eyes was headache-inducing. In practice, though, it didn’t cause eye strain and fit well, but I did have some issues. The image didn’t look 3D at all to me (to be fair, only the New 3DS has been able to let me see proper 3D imagery as a result of some minor vision problems) but didn’t look doubled, and the color of the images was never consistent as a result of slightly iridescent lenses. I expected worse, and was rather surprised.

as for the games I got to play, there wasn’t much in the way of variety. Most of the community games were either unbearably basic or, and more so the case for Microsoft’s games, didn’t need to be AR games. Their space shooter game could have just as easily been a first-person wave shooter on PC or VR game. Designing a game that feels built for AR has to go beyond just overlaying a transparent game on the lenses. Gestures felt unresponsive and didn’t line up with where I was gesturing well. The hardware is definitely interesting stuff, but there’s still a long way to go with its software.