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The $3000 experience.

The Hololens was a pretty okay experience. It is definitely not worth $3000 for what it is right now.

My expectations were extremely misled solely because of the poor field of view. The field of view almost killed my excitement for developing games on it.

The two games I played with the short time I has was RoboRaid and Young Conker. But before I delved into those games, I had the pleasure of using the menus, which were almost unusable without the clicker.

When I played RoboRaid, I was impressed at the tracking of the room. For being a projection through glasses, It actually felt like the walls were breaking. Although, I could forgive that that the corkboard in the room didn’t look as good as the wall. Technically, the tracking and the way it interprets the room was my favorite part of the Hololens, which is probably why the device is priced at such a high point.

Little Conker has a clever way of circumventing the low field of view by having a guide to lead your eyes to the action, which actually worked pretty well. The fact that I could walk around the room and see a fictional game work was pretty cool. Although, the actual game world didn’t match the environment it was in, so Conker seemed to be jumping off cliffs when there weren’t any. My guess is that the chairs in the room moved, so the tracking messed up, but that’s forgivable.

The Hololens has some impressive accuracy when tracking and mapping its game worlds, but the limited field of view is a deal breaker for me. Development wise, I’ll have to work around it or just see how far my ideas will go without it being a huge obstruction in my game.