HORRORLENS – An augmented reality experience


Ever wanted to be in a real-life horror movie? Well, now you can! Step into HorrorLens, an augmented reality escape the room experience. You are trapped in the room with a spooky ghost child and the only way out is to grab the keys to open the door. But watch out — as soon as you look away, the ghost child starts walking towards you, ready to attack!


Begin the game by looking around the room to scan the playspace. When the scan is complete, you will see keys spawn in random locations around the room. You are able to move the door onto various surfaces by using the Hololens gesture tap.



  • Alex Soto – Programmer/Designer
  • Eddie Yanez – Programmer/Designer
  • Mikhail Struber – Programmer/Technical Artist
  • Chayanne Khan – Programmer/Animator
  • Cassie Chan – Artist/Designer/UI
  • Kevin Mester – Artist/Designer/Lion Tamer