murr’s hololens impressions

here are some notes on the hololens and its marketplace in no particular order:

  • this is the most expensive cereal box toy i can think of, and you don’t even get cereal with it!
  • most of the hololens market is focused around object appreciation, pre-existing game paradigm appropriation, and fetishization of the hardware tech.
  • most games forget the extremely limited view frustrum, as brian mentioned in class.
  • most hololens games are bad in uninteresting ways.
  • the ball pit game was just wacky. i loved it. why were all the balls dropping out of an immense mario-esque green pipe? i mean, i ask you.
  • clicking with the fingers feels really terrible and registers inconsistently.
  • i’m still thinking about how i actually want to engage with this tech. it’s something! it’ll be nice to get in engine and start making stuff happen, whenever that happens. hey!