Welcome to AR Games!

hi DePaul Students,

post updates¬†on your projects, thoughts you have on games you play, or anything else you’d like!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to AR Games!”

  1. This was my first time experiencing virtual reality. It felt like I was apart of the world I was playing in.

  2. My 20 different hololens ideas:
    1) Zombie survival: fight against zombie hordes by interacting with your environment using items you can pick up such as an ax.

    2)Safari explore: experience being in a forest full of wildlife popping up around you.

    3)Ping-pong: simple game of ping-pong against yourself

    4)Virtual sports: like basketball or baseball. Shooting a ball in a hoop and seeing how many points you can receive before the timer runs out or seeing how many balls you can hit before the timer runs out.

    5)Go Fishing!: physical prop that lays on table. Aim at the fishes and try to hook as many as you can!

    6)HaloPup: interact with virtual puppies! Pet them, talk to them, feed them, and watch em grow!

    7)OuterSpace explore: ever want to visit space. This game the player is emerged in space traveling through. The player has to shoot all the asteroids headed your way to progress through the game as long as he/she can.

    8)Alien Hunt: physical prop that is laid on a table. A destroyed city is emerged full of alien enemies. The player must moved around the table aiming at the aliens capturing the humans with a water gun. Aliens hate water and melt!

    9)Maze Escape: the player interacts with a cube where he/she must shift sides to help the person trapped in the maze escape.

    10)Picture Doodle: draw over your favorite pictures. From making funny faces to coloring the entire picture different.

    11)Underwater Battle:Player uses a physical prop that is laid on the table. The hololens creates an underwater world where the player must shoot enemy submarines and sharks that are destroying the wildlife. Subs will shoot back at you as well so be careful!

    12)Hide & Go the Monster: player gets to interact with the room they are in. Monsters of different colors, (red, blue, green,yellow), will be hidden in various areas in the room. Player has to listen to the different sounds they make to find them. Also they may come out to take a peek at you so pay attention!

    13) Pop-up book: Ever want your favorite comic to come to life? Read one of your favorite comics in 3D figures.

    14) House Cube: the player interacts with a cube. Each side displays a different part of the house, living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. The player can manipulate each room on the cube by moving furniture around or putting food on the stove. Also shaking the cube makes everything in house go flying.

    15) Roller Coaster ride: the player builds a roller coaster that sends the cart flying but the cart must go through as many hoops as possible to accumulate points. Try to build the best coaster you can!

    16) Stomp that roach!: aim at an object like a cereal box and roaches will appear. The player has to aim at the roaches and try to squish as many of them with your finger before they reach the top!

    17) Beehive mania: Beehives are every where! The player has to use a fly swatter to kill the bees that are coming out of the hives. Try not to get stung!

    18) Create an animal: Player manipulates a 3D animal and can alter its features or give it new features as well.

    19) Tourism: Scan a tourist attraction and a 3D box will appear detailing the brief history about it.

    20) Airplane: Being able to experience what it is like flying an airplane. The player becomes the pilot of his/her very own plane and learns the basics on how to fly a plane. Can be used as a learning too for new pilots.

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